• Underwater Photography
    real-time info of depth, time & speed, stay safe while taking pictures
  • Ultimate Color Restoration
    diving pictures with one-touch color restoration, make your underwater photos vibrant
  • Assistant Dive Computer
    intuitive interface with detailed diving info, all in one screen
  • Automatic Dive Logs
    detailed and rich info for dive logs, easier to log dives, goodbye to manual input
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We are striving diligently to make your diving experience different

Weefine Smartphone Housing

80m Waterproof

To make your smartphones secure

Anti-fog Vacuum

To reach 92% anti-fogging with airtight vacuum

Water Pressure Sensor

To provide diving depth info for Dive+

Water Temperature Sensor

To provide diving temperature infor for Dive+

Inner Pressure Sensor

To monitor and secure case tightness

All-metal Casing

To stay rigid under strong water pressure and secure your smartphones

Additional Accessories

To extend ablities using attached micro & wide-angle lens, and external lights


In order to use certified Dive+ service, Weefine Smart Housings can only be purchased at partnered dive shops at present

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